No Goats, No Glory!

GoatScapes, LLC

We started GoatScapes, LLC here in East Cobb in 2014 after we were finally able to get rid of the English ivy in our yard with Nigerian Dwarf Goats.  Since then, our goats have cleared ivy and other noxious plants throughout East Cobb.

The ivy in our neighborhood was planted about 30 years ago, probably by home builders as ground cover.  Over time, however, the ivy got out of control and took over.  We tried to kill the ivy with herbicides, but the ivy was unfazed.  Next, we tried to get rid of the ivy with our lawnmower, but that only ruined our lawnmower.  We were about to give up when our young children had a run-in with a snake hiding in the ivy.  Shortly thereafter, we bought Nigerian Dwarf Goats to clear the ivy once and for all.  Word soon spread of the success we had clearing ivy with our goats.  Since then, we have cleared English ivy, poison ivy, and kudzu in several neighborhoods throughout East Cobb.   

We use Nigerian Dwarf Goats because this small breed is ideal for suburban use.  The larger breeds that most companies use can ruin the landscape left behind because they defoliate everything they can reach, which is often six feet or more off the ground.  However, our Nigerian Dwarf Goats can only reach about three feet off the ground standing on their hind legs.  These little goats accomplish the same serious ground clearing as the large breeds, but they do it without destroying everything in sight.