No Goats, No Glory!

GoatScapes, LLC

What plants will the goats clear?

Goats love English ivy, kudzu, poison ivy, poison oak, and almost any other green plant.  Poison ivy, poison oak, and poison sumac will not hurt the goats one bit.  They love it as much as any other green plant.  Goats will naturally stay away from anything that is not good for them.

What happens when we bring the goats?
We will set up a stock wire fence to enclose the area that you want cleared.  Then, we will put the goats inside the fence and let them do what they do best – eat.  We will return every day or two to check the goats’ progress.  We will move the fence as the goats clear the area until the job is complete.

What do you have to do?
You do not have to do anything except allow us access to the area you want cleared and access to a hose so that we can give the goats water.  That is it.

What if you have plants that you do not want the goats to eat?
We can protect bushes and flowers that you do not want the goats to eat by enclosing those plants with additional stock wire.  You just have to tell us if you have plants that need to be protected.

Can you feed the goats?
It is best if you do not feed the goats so that they will keep working.  Remember, a fed goat is not a working goat.  I
f you want to pull ivy or other plant material that they are clearing and give it to them, that is fine.  However, do NOT feed the goats human food or get them in he habit of expecting you to feed them.  You should also watch your fingers.  Goats do not bite intentionally, and we have never heard of anyone ever being bitten by a goat (especially these small goats), but they do chew for a living.

What if you have coyotes in your area?
Coyotes have not been a problem.  Our goats spend most of their time in areas frequented by coyotes, and they have not been bothered once.